Marina Toffetti (ed.): Studies on the reception of Italian music in central-eastern Europe in the 16th and 17th century

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The present volume focuses on three main themes: the dissemination of Italian music in central-eastern Europe, faithfully reflected in the numerous historical inventories of music items kept in ecclesiastic institutions of the area under consideration; the migration of musicians and composers; and the adaptation and assimilation of style and compositional techniques of Italian origin, suitably modified depending on the performing conditions of the different geo-cultural contexts.

Since numerous musicological studies highlighting such phenomena have been published in non-vehicular languages, the primary aim of this volume is to give a contribution to the exchange of knowledge within the international musicological community by making some of these studies accessible through their English translation.

Besides that, the work is also intended as a research tool (see the indexes of names and places and the table of the composers mentioned in the inventories) that one hopes will offer further impetus to the study of the dissemination and reception of Italian music culture in a broader European context, which is nevertheless rooted in a cultural and musical identity common to much of Europe.



The full pdf version of the book is available free at the link below.


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